Why Liverpool did not sign Ismaila Sarr.

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Why Liverpool did not sign Ismaila Sarr. Despite ambush for a long time.

Reveals why Liverpool Football Club of the English Premier League Football. Refusing to move forward in seizing Watford’s Ismaila Sarr. Although they have closely following his form over the past several seasons.

Senegal national team has become a key player. The Hornets have rampant since moving from Rennes in the summer of 2019. and are still link with the club today despite Watford falling from the Premier League to the Championship for the second time in their four years.

Sarr score five goals and provided two assists in 22 top-flight appearances last season. While taking a break from injury. He recently fired more than halfway from the field in the Championship game on Monday night to lead the team to a 1-1 draw with West Bromwich Albion.

“It’s a great goal for Ismaila Sarr, reminds us of his pace,” Romano praised the 24-year-old’s skill. “The Senegal forward is too good for the Championship, obviously but Watf Nord will sell him out of the team if there is a really important offer. “

Liverpool have been lurking at his form for many years but never made a serious offer. Klopp has focused more on other deals,”

“Saar may be a surprise deal for the remainder of the season. In the transfer market this summer. Teams like Liverpool could fit Sarr’s style. He has a similar style of play to Sadio Mane. Who recently retired to Bayern Munich.”