Solskjaer reveals he once advised Manchester United

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Solskjaer reveals he once advise Manchester United sign a top striker for just £4 million. But was rejecte by the club.

Former Manchester United player and manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has confirme. He asked the club to sign Erling Haaland during. His time at Molde but was turned down from the club.

Haaland, 22, set a new Premier League top scorer per season with 35 goals. When he made his professional debut at home to Molde in 2017. And took just two years to build. reputation throughout Europe. When he moved to play with Red Bull Salzburg before follow by Borussia Dortmund and most recently with Manchester City by Sol Cha. Who took over Molde. before stating that he notified Manchester United to sign a contract with Haaland

“I contacted United because we (Mold) had a very talented striker in the team. A striker that should have been in Manchester United, but they wouldn’t listen to me. It’s a pity, it’s £4 million, I told him that. But they weren’t even interested in signing this for £4million and look at Haaland now, he’s just too good.

Solskjaer, 50, having left as Manchester United manager in 2021, remains unemployed and continues to look for opportunities to return to management at club level.