Caicedo misses Brighton training Hoping to force

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Dynamo Brighton midfielder Moises Caicedo did not appear in training with the squad. Expected to force the agency to agree to sell Chelsea

“Sing the Blues” made an offer to buy Kaicedo, their main goal, 3 rounds. The latest value of 80 million pounds was completely rejected.

London Giants Still negotiating with Brighton to find a conclusion, with “The Seagull” valuing the 21-year-old midfielder at £100 million

. Because of a minor injury in the hamstring area,

Barber also confirmed that this Saturday, Caicedo is scheduled to return to help Roberto De Serbi’s team play the opening game of the season. For the visit of Luton Town, the new team. However, the next

day In the latest training session to prepare for the Evening Standard The elite media stated that Kaicedo did not come to the field. ufabet

Sources close to the Ecuadorian international confirmed that Caicedo is uninjured. And what was done was to show a stand, hoping to make the move to Chelsea happen, the

previous round of trading market, Brighton suspended Kaicedo temporarily because of the mental state of the player who wanted to move to Arsenal, but Finally, all parties reconciled and renewed the contract until 2027.