4 tips to play online fishing game

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4 tips to play online fishing game.

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4 tips to play Online Fishing game

1. Access the game via Bio Game Card

How to play the game Basically, you need to go to the Bio Game Card betting page and look for a game named Thung Rak Fisherman. This game is a game developed by a foreign provider.

2. Choose a character to play.

From the start, the system will allow you to choose 2 anglers, which will have a female side and a male side to choose from. You can choose to bet on it. It does not affect your ability to fish in any way.

3. Choose BET each time

Before swinging the hook In order to actually fish, you must first select bets for each bet. Starting from 5 baht up to 500 baht per time. Which is the higher the bet. The rate of multiplying the prize money will be high as well.

4. Swing the hook

After selecting bets to bet You can start playing immediately. At the beginning, you have to throw the hook to the specified target. After that wait for the prey to come and eat the hook. In which the fish will come to eat the hook. You must win with luck and rhythm.